Tianwan NPP Unit 4 Under Completing First Criticality Procedures

On 30 September 2018, 14:27 (Beijing time) the reactor plant of Tianwan NPP unit No 4 that is under construction in China with the technical assistance of Rosatom Engineering Division, has been brought to minimum controllable level of power. This is the final stage of the first criticality procedures, Rosatom announced 
Tianwan NPP, Units 1 & 2The first criticality procedures of power unit No.4 commenced on 25 August 2018 when upon completion of all preparatory works the first fuel assembly (FA) was installed into the reactor. Totally 163 fuel assemblies were loaded into the reactor. All the works were performed in automatic mode in compliance with the safety rules and ahead of schedule. 
“Loading of fuel was completed ahead of schedule, and after obtaining all the required permits, power unit No 4 of Tianwan NPP was brought to minimum controllable level of power. A controlled chain reaction started, the monitoring systems recorded the first neutrons. This will be followed by a power start-up and connection of the power unit to the energy grid of China”, said Alexey Bannik, vice-president for projects in China of JSC ASE EC
Tianwan NPP is the largest facility built within the framework of the Russian-Chinese economic cooperation agreement. The start up of Tianwan NPP Phase I (units 1 and 2) took place in 2007. The two units have already generated above 15 KW/hour of electric power annually. The commercial start up for Unit 4 at Tianwan is planned for 2019. 

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