Rosatom Closes In On Six-Reactor Deal With India

Following a leadership summit in India, Russian and Indian leaders signed a pact that could pave the way for a six-reactor construction deal at a site yet to be determined. 

Kudankulam NPPRosatom said the contract was not sighed, just a cooperation agreement that would set up a new contract.

The Action Plan for Prioritization and Implementation of Cooperation Areas in the Nuclear Field identified jointly by Russia and India was signed by Director General of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom Alexey Likhachev and the Secretary of Department of Atomic Energy and Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission Kamlesh Vyas.  

"In particular the two countries intent to develop the project of six nuclear power units of Russian design at a new site in India, further enhance cooperation in the third countries and in new perspective nuclear technologies along with joint construction of nuclear power plants," Rosatom said. The deal, according to media reports, involves more participation from Indian companies that previous nuclear plant builds in India.

According to the document, for the new nuclear project in India Russia will offer the reference evolutionary VVER generation “3+” technical solutions and will increase the level of Indian industry’s involvement and localization.

Rosatom has already completed two reactors in India and has begun construction of two more.

“We are satisfied with our strategic cooperation with India, where the Russian designed nuclear power units are operating and being constructed at Kudankulam site. We expect to start implementation in the near future serial construction of new units at a second site in India. This will significantly increase level of equipment localization within framework of the “Make in India” policy, as well as optimize timing and cost of the project execution. Moreover, India is our trusted partner, with whom we are already implementing projects in the third countries, and we plan to enhance this cooperation,” said Likhachev in a statement.

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