A Fourth Coup For Westinghouse In China

A fourth Westinghouse-designed AP1000 reactor has been connected to the grid in China, the State Power Investment Corporation announced.

Westinghouse logoThe Hainyang Unit 2 was connected to the electricity grid on October 13 at 9:51 a.m., according to the World Nuclear Association.

“All technical indicators met the design requirements and the unit is in good condition,” the State Power Investment Corporation said.

The first AP1000 reactor to reach operational status was Sanmen 1, which reached its first criticality in late June. It was connected to the grid on July 2 and was brought to 100 percent power on August 14. It ended its full power probationary run on September 21.

Sanmen 2 was connected to the grid in late August and is expected to obtain commercial operating status later this year.

After years of anticipation and long construction delays at some construction sites, Westinghouse Electric, which was forced into bankruptcy in March 2017, has notched the coup of coups in a heavily regulated industry: A design to fruition completion of a reactor design.

“Many years have been dedicated to successfully bringing the first AP1000 unit to life. Our Westinghouse design and technology is now live and generating safe, clean energy," said Westinghouse President and Chief Executive Officer José Gutiérrez.

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