Video Shows Bird's-Eye View Of Vogtle Progress

Georgia Power on Monday announced completed placement of two key floor modules at the Vogtle nuclear expansion near Waynesboro, Georgia, which will be followed by large concrete placements inside the Unit 4 containment vessel.

Vogtle expansionThe modules that were put in place are the CA35 and CA33 modules. Both of them are floor modules supporting critical path work in the unit.

CA35 is the roof above the accumulator and CA33 is the roof above the chemical volume control system for the unit. Weighing nearly 72 tons, the two modules bring the elevation inside containment to 107 feet, which is the elevation of the maintenance deck.

Since placement, additional work will begin installing rebar on the north side of containment, which will be followed by a concrete placement. These milestones support the upcoming installation of structural steel pieces that support the subsequent floor elevation.

In addition, the second of four reactor coolant pumps (RCPs) has been placed inside the Unit 3 containment vessel where the nuclear components are housed. The 375,000-pound pumps are mounted to the steam generator and serve a critical part of the reactor coolant system, circulating water from the steam generator to the reactor vessel, allowing sufficient heat transfer for safe plant operation.

Here's the video clip: