Haiyang 1 Is Second AP1000 To Reach Commercial Operation Status

A second Westinghouse designed AP1000 nuclear power unit in China, Haiyang 1, has reached commercial operating status having competed a full week of operations at full power.

Haiyang 1 NPPThe seven-day, full power run was completed at 10:12 p.m. on October 22, the State Power Investment Corporation said.

"At 22:12 on October 22, Haiyang NPP Unit 1, the first unit invested and constructed by State Power Investment Corporation Limited (***), successfully completed the 168-hour full power continuous operation test. The system and equipment maintains good and stable, which meets the requirement for commercial operation," the company proclaimed.

Haiyang NPP Unit 1 as Gen III nuclear power unit is featured with advanced passive safety system and has a designed capacity of 1253 MW.

Haiyang NPP Unit 1 is the first nuclear power unit which is about to be put into operation in Shandong. It is expected to play an important role in optimizing the energy structure and ecological environment in Shandong. And it will promote *** to become a world-class clean energy enterprise.

Haiyang NPP is majorly invested, constructed and operated by ***. The construction of the project started in September in 2009.

*** considers Haiyang 1 a step that "lays a solid foundation for the construction of nuclear power plant with CAP1400 - China’s proprietary Gen III nuclear power technology - in near future," according to a news brief.

Including Haiyang 1 and the previous (and first) AP1000 to reach commercial operation status, Sanmen 1, there are four AP1000 construction projects in China rolling towards completion in quick succession. Sanmen 1 entered into commercial status on September 21. Sanmen Unit 2 is expected to reach commercial operating status before the end of the year, while Hainyang Unit 2 is expected to do the same by the end of 2019.

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  • As one of the many people working to commission these AP1000s, having 2 of the 4 Chinese units in commercial operation carries much satisfaction.

    As a long experienced senior reactor operator, I would love to be able to operate this plant. We have put the AP1000s through intentional secondary transients during the testing that would take my older plants off line. The digital controls system are just working wonderfully. (sicardmd)

  • Anonymous

    Is there any reason that Westinghouse seems allergic to talk about the progress in China? It's as if they think Public Relations is a waste of time.