Court Rejects Ikata 3 Restart Injunction

A see-saw legal battle over the restart of the Ikata nuclear power plant’s Unit 3 owned by the Shikoku Electric Power Company has swung back in favor or a restart with a court decision issued last week.

Ikata NPPThe legal skirmishing began in March 2016, when four residents of the Ehime Prefecture challenged the units restart on grounds that Shikoku Electric Power had underestimated the dangers of a seismic disturbance partly due to the reactors proximity to the active volcano Mt. Aso, which is 130 km away.

The original court decision favored Shikoku Electric Power, but the citizens’ group filed for an appeal. In December 2017, the higher court overruled the decision and the injunction against a restart was imposed. The reactor, at that point, had been taken off line in October for maintenance reasons and was expected to restart in mid-January 2018.

Last week’s ruling swung back in favor of the power company. The judge in the case, Takahiko Fujisawa, noted that the odds of an eruption causing damage to the reactor was “very low,” according to the World Nuclear Association report, which said the quote came from the Kyodo news agency.

Ikata Unit 3 is an 846 MWe pressurized water reactor. The company said it expected to restart the unit on Oct. 27 and have it re-establish commercial operations on Nov. 28.

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