Nuvia Selected As Technical Adviser On UK's Modular Reactor Program

British engineering and project management company Nuvia, with a significant presence in the nuclear power industry, said Monday that the government had selected Nuvia to be the technical adviser for the country's Advanced Modular Reactor Feasibility and Development program.

Nuvia The program is a two-phase research initiative for advanced modular reactor technologies, which Nuvia describes as at "an early stage of development."

Phase One is to focus on feasibility studies for reactor designs, while Phase Two, contingent on design approval, is to focus on applied research and development.

Nuvia's role is supplied on behalf of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial ract Strategy (BEIS), the company said. The contract calls for assessments of each of the feasibility studies submitted by each of the modular reactor F&D research initiatives.

Among the project's overall goals is to develop a low-cost, reliable reactor that is useful in a variety of applications, "such as the provision of heat outpost for domestic or industrial purposes or facilitating the production of hydrogen," the company said. Those applications are above and beyond the standard concept of electricity generation.

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