Kaiga Unit 1 Run Breaks World Record For Reactor Type

Twenty-two days after setting a national record for continuous days of operation for a domestic nuclear reactor, Unit 1 at India's Kaiga NPP has gone on to set a world record for a pressurized heavy water reactor, pushing past the 895th day record this week, the Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL) has announced.

NPCIL logoThe plant has been operating continuously since May 13, 2016, the NPCIL said.

The plant is comprised of four 220 MWe pressurized heavy water reactors, each of which uses Nuclear Fuel Complex fuel. The plant's operator is the NPCIL.

Kaiga Unit 1 set the record by besting Unit 7 at the Pickering NPP in Canada, which ran continuously for 894 days in a run that was completed in October 1994.

Kaiga 1, however, has a month and a half to go --  55 days -- before breaking the world record for a nuclear reactor of any type. Britain's Heysham II, Unit 2, holds the world's record for any reactor. The advanced gas-cooled reactor ran for 940 days straight, completing that run in September 2016.

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