Fortum, Rolls-Royce, Complete Project At Loviisa NPP

Finnish power company Fortum has announced the completion of the automation modernisation project at the Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant, bringing to fruition the biggest single project since the construction of the two-unit facility.

Loviisa NPPThe project was completed on time and under budget, the company said October 25. 

The company signed an agreement with British industrial Rolls-Royce in May 2014 about modernizing the most critical safety automation systems on both production units at Loviisa. Fortum created the safety automation architecture based on Fortum´s overall plant safety design concept ADLAS, where the safety functions were validated with advanced process simulator APROS. Rolls-Royce contributed design, licensing, installation and commissioning activities for the project, which was completed in three phases over the past two years.

The two VVER-440 reactors were commissioned in 1977 and 1980. With production above 8 terawatts in 2017, the plant produces more than 10 percent of Finland's electricity production.

The modernisation was implemented in three phases during annual outages in 2016-2018. Around 50 Fortum's specialists have been employed full-time since the beginning of the project in 2014, and temporarily increased above 200 in total during the annual outages.

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