TVO Announces Four-Month OL3 Pushback

The long-delayed start up for Unit 3 at Finland’s Olkiluoto NPP, an Areva-Siemens Consortium project, has been pushed back for another four months, the companies announced in a late November tweet.

 OL3“Areva-Siemens Consortium has updated the schedule for the commissioning of OL# EPR (European Pressurized Reactor) plant unit,” the tweet reads. “According to the Consortium, the first connection to the grid will take place in Oct 2019 and the regular electricity production will start in Jan 2020.”

 The most recent schedule pushbacks have been measured in months, not years. In October, the consortium it was expecting to revise the schedule due to tests taking longer than expected. Prior to that, in June 2018, the schedule was pushed back to have fuel loaded in January 2019 with grid connection occurring in May 2019. Electricity generation was expected in September, at that point.

 In the latest announcement, the utility Teollissuden Voima Oyi (TVO) said “the final automation modification package will be implemented and the pressuriser surge line vibrations will be repaired by modifying the pipe.”

 “After modifications, the necessary commissioning tests will be repeated, and commissioning will continue,” the company said.

 Unit 3 at Olkiluoto was a first ever EPR project to get underway, followed by EPR projects in France and China. Construction began in 2005, Nuclear Engineering International reported. The original startup for OL3 was expected in 2009. 

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