Waterford NPP License Extended 20 Years

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Monday it had renewed the operating license of the Waterford Steam Electric Station for an additional 20 years, allowing the pressurized water reactor run by Entergy Operations to continue operating through Dec. 18, 2044.

Waterford Steam Electric NPPThe current license for the Killona, Louisiana, plant that was commissioned in March 1985 was to expire Dec. 18, 2024. The plant's location is approximately 25 miles west of New Orleans.

Entergy Operations submitted the application for a renewed license in March 2016. The NRC reviews these applications  on two tracks. A safety evaluation report was issued Aug. 17, and a supplemental environmental impact statement was issued Nov. 20.

The NRC Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards also reviewed the staff work, the NRC said.

Renewal of the Waterford operating licenses brings to 93 the number of commercial nuclear power reactors with renewed licenses (four of those have since permanently shut down). Several applications for additional renewal are currently under review. Information about reactor license renewal is available on the NRC website.

The latest license extension granted was a 20-year renewal issued for another Louisiana plant, the River Bend Nuclear Plant 24 miles northwest of Baton Rouge (in the town of St. Francisville). The license extension for River Bend boiling water reactor will allow the plant to run through Aug. 29, 2045.

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