Westinghouse Changes Announced

Westinghouse Electric Company, which emerged from bankruptcy in August, announce the first phase of organizational changes meant to focus the company on its customer base and "strengthen its global services and supply chain management capabilities."

Westinghouse The primary focus for the nuclear power giant will be services offered to accommodate a full range of nuclear power plant stages from construction through demolition. A major component of the changes includes "development of a new business unit with accountability for key growth areas related to the specific stages of plant lifecycle solutions, including new plant delivery, plant deconstruction, decommissioning and remediation services and government services," the company said.

“Westinghouse has been on a journey to transform the way in which we deliver our products and services to our customers in the most effective manner that will build value for the business,” said President and Chief Executive Officer José Emeterio Gutiérrez.  “The changes will be a catalyst as we continue to focus on strengthening the company’s core business and our global supply chain, and continuously work toward a standard of excellence in quality, safety, client service and innovation.” 

Westinghouse also plans to establish an operations delivery support "to build Global Supply Chain into a best-in-class organization that will support the business units through a robust procurement organization."

The supply chain unit will provide global engineering, manufacturing, "and other technical capabilities in order to ensure our customers receive the full breadth of Westinghouse's global products, innovations and technical capabilities."

Leadership changes accompany the organizational path forward. "As part of a broader reorganization of the company ... Chief Operating Officer Mark Marano has elected to retire," the company said.

David Howell will be president of Americas Operating Plant Services. Bill Poirier will be president of the EMEA Operating Plant Services business unit on an interim basis while the company conducts an external search. And David Durham will be president of the newly established Plant Solutions business unit.

Pavan Pattada joins Westinghouse as executive vice president, Global Operations Services.

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