GE Hitachi Completes Segmentation At Oskarshamn Unit 2

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, the nuclear services group partnered by GE with Hitachi in 2007, said Tuesday it had completed the segmentation of reactor internals at Oskarshamn Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2 in Sweden.

Oskarshamn Unit 2 segmentation GEH used “cutting edge technology,” literally, to dismantle, segment and pack reactor 2 internals. The boiling water reactor began operations in 1974 and ceased creating power in 2015.

All of the handling and segmentation of the internals for the former 638 MWe BWR were conducted underwater using the Primary Segmentation System that was designed by REI Nuclear. GEH acquired the business and certain aspects of REI Nuclear in December 2018, close to two years after it was awarded the three-year contract to dismantle through segmentation internals for Oskarshamn Units 1 and 2.

The work was expected to last through 2019. GEH said it would continue the dismantling and segmentation of OKG Unit 1, which began commercial operations in 1972, but was closed in 2017, operating two years past the shut down date for Unit 2.

The facility has a third unit, OKG 3, a 1400 BWR that began operations in 1985.

According to the World Nuclear Association, large scale dismantling projects on the two shut down units will begin in 2020. The GEH contract stops of segmentation work on the two units’ reactor pressure vessels.

OKG is 54.5 percent owned by German utility Eon, which announced in October 2015 the shut down schedules for Units 1, a 473 MWe reactor, and 2. Unit 2 was shut down after the company decided not to invest more funds in keeping the reactor operable.

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