Orano Signs Strategic Agreement With Bureau Veritas

Nuclear power services giant Orano Group, formerly Areva, said its logistics division, Orano TN, had concluded a strategic partnership agreement with testing and certification company Bureau Veritas. The agreement is meant to support “the development of maritime transport flows of material from the nuclear cycle,” Orano said.

Orano The agreement also covers transport for rare earth elements and medical sources, the company said.

“To this end, the two partners will develop a new offer for the inspection and certification of ships as well as the ports through which materials transit,” said Orano. Much of the focus will be on services for markets in Africa and Asia that Orano called “fast-growing.”

The companies will collaborate on cask design for nuclear materials, a service where Orano has extensive experience. Bureau Veritas’ role will involve conformity verification through inspections done at production sites.

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