EDF Hires Cavendish Nuclear To Service Two UK Plants

Cavendish Nuclear said Friday it had struck a 10-year deal with EDF Energy to sustain critical infrastructure at two of the French utility’s nuclear power plants in Britain, Heysham Unit 2 and Torness.

Heysham NPPThe company will be working in partnership with EDF Energy to renew the primary shutdown systems of the two plants, allowing the stations to continue generating safely and reliably until the end of their operating lives.

Both Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactors have license extensions that reach until 2030. They both became operational in 2030.

Both stations “rely on some 3,000 analogue modular elements, known as the reactor protection system, which monitor the reactors and are part of the station’s multi-layered safety systems which automatically shut down operations if defined metrics are met.

“The stations have an impressive operating record and investments such as this will ensure that we can operate consistently until at least 2030,” said Ian Haines, Heysham 2 engineering manager.

The deal “gives both parties the confidence to make long-term commitments that are of strategic national importance to the country’s low-carbon energy needs,” said EDF business director at Cavendish Nuclear Paul Bates.

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