India, Argentina, Renew MOU On Nuclear Projects

Leaders from India and Argentina on Monday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that outlines continued cooperation on domestic nuclear power projects, including the willingness to assist each other on building plants in another country.

Narendra Modi with Mauricio Macri"They (Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India and President Mauricio Macri) also noted that the MOU signed on the occasion between the Department of Atomic Energy, India, and National Atomic Energy Commission, Argentina, for cooperation within the framework of Global Center for Nuclear Energy Partnership, would bolster institutional linkage in civil nuclear research, development and capacity building,” a joint statement issued by the two governments said.

Argentina’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Faurie noted that Argentina had experience building small capacity reactors and was looking for a partner in its efforts to increase it’s capacity as an export business, the Times of India reported.

The agreement also covers nuclear applications for health, agriculture and research.

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