First Upper Block Equipment Delivered To Leningrad NPP II

The first batch of equipment for the upper block level system has been delivered for the second VVER-type power block automated control system at the Leningrad II project, Rosatom subsidiary operating Rosenergoatom said.

Leningrad NPP Eight security system switchboards will shortly be assembled in the control building of the 2nd VVER-1200 type power block.
According to Dmitry Marygin, the head of the Leningrad NPP-2 thermal automatics and measurements shop area, this equipment is a major part of the power block’s automatic process control system. The switchboards will be connected to the four security system channels to transmit data from the local sensor to the block dashboard, the nuclear power plant’s ‘nerve center’.
‘The team will assemble the visual control and the operational dispatch management facilities, the group display and the automated workstations for the operating system. A control system that perfectly combines human capabilities and process automation will enable us to manage all technology processes, measure, record and modify the operational parameters, control the valves remotely, and provide the operating staff with the most up-to-date information. All of those are for the sake of safe NPP operation’, Dmitriy Marygin said.
The major equipment of the automatic process control system will be assembled at the 2nd power block before the individual trials stage starts, that is, before the first major operation - the liquid release over the open reactor. During the release, the team verifies the penetrability of the pipes connecting the reactor facility’s primary coolant equipment. The liquid release is scheduled for Q2 2019.

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