Rolls Royce To Shed Nuclear Division

British industrial giant Rolls Royce is preparing to offload its civic nuclear division, various media sources indicate.

Hinkley Point C, envisioned by EDFThe coverage, which began with a report in Britain’s Sunday Times, notes that auditor KPMG has been hired by Rolls Royce to seek a buyer for company’s nuclear division, said to be valued at $262.52 million.

Rolls Royce specializes in control systems and other reactor components and has a presence in over 200 nuclear power plants. At the end of January this year, the company signed a contract with EDF to supply the on-going Hinkley Point C construction project with four diesel generator sets that will have an output of 3,600kW each. These will be used to supply power for the plant during any unplanned outages.

Media reports say that Rolls Royce is planning to honor that contract and that it will not be part of the sale when it sheds its nuclear division.

Rolls Royce also plans to continue participating in small nuclear reactor development as a member of a consortium with focus on the next generation nuclear power option.

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