ARC Nuclear Canada Signs On AECOM

ARC Nuclear Canada, Inc. (ARC Canada), based in Saint John, New Brunswick, said it had entered an agreement with U.S.-based AECOM, a global engineering and construction firm, to continue its development of the Advanced Reactor Concepts ARC-100 technology.

ARC logoIn 2018, ARC Canada, NB Power and the Government of New Brunswick announced an agreement to work together to explore the potential for a commercial demonstration of the ARC-100 in New Brunswick as part of a larger program to establish the Province as a worldwide “Center of Excellence” manufacturing hub for the ARC-100 technology. ARC Canada envisions the ARC-100 technology as an advanced small modular reactor (SMR) that could be deployed in New Brunswick and lead to significant economic growth opportunities.

AECOM, through its Canada Nuclear Operations, Inc, business, will provide architecture and engineering services to support the deployment of ARC Nuclear’s ARC-100 SMR. The ARC-100 is a 100 MWe sodium cooled, fast flux, pool type reactor with metallic fuel. It is based on the 30-year operation of the EBR-II reactor built and operated by the Argonne National Laboratory.

“AECOM provides us with another significant player to continue our work in New Brunswick,” said Norman Sawyer, President of ARC Canada. “AECOM’s decades of experience in nuclear power generation will provide the expertise and knowledge that a project like the ARC-100 requires as we enter the critical design phases. Further, through the support of the Government of New Brunswick, it creates the opportunity for ARC Canada to attract premier companies such as AECOM to the Province.”

AECOM has an extensive portfolio of nuclear power plant experience as the engineer and/or constructor of record for 49 nuclear units totaling more than 39,000 MW. Since 2006, AECOM has been providing engineering and construction services to support the advancement of several nuclear technologies, including next generation nuclear reactors and SMRs.

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