Core Catcher Frame Installed At Rooppur NPP Unit 2

The reinforced frame of the core catcher, weighing 58 tons, and the embedded part for the core catcher, weighing 7.5 tons, have been installed for Unit 2 of the Rooppur NPP in Bangladesh, Rosatom Corporaton's Engineering Division ASE (AtomStroyExport) announced in early April.

Ruupur NPP, Unit 2 construction “Completion of installation of reinforced frame and embedded part of Core Catcher marks the beginning of the next important stage related to the erection of Unit 2 reactor building," the company said..

Experts will soon proceed with installation of the core catcher. The component is technology, developed by Russian nuclear engineers and is "one of the main passive safety systems in the design of Rooppur NPP,” said Sergey Lastochkin, vice president of ASE and project director of Rooppur NPP construction.

“All works are on schedule," Lastochkin said.

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