EDF Awards Telent Tech With IT Contract For Hinkley Point C

Telent Technology Services Ltd in Britain announced this week it had been awarded a six-year contract to supply the communications and IT infrastructure at Hinkley Point C (HPC), slated to be the UK’s first nuclear plant to be built in 25 years.

Hinkley Point C, artist impressionTelent (known as telent with a small "t") was chosen by EDF Energy to provide a multi-faceted, IT and communications package at the new site. 

Under the agreement, telent will design, install and commission the communications and IT system for the new power station. This will include a dual data center infrastructure and both wireless and wired communications networks to connect approximately 150 buildings. T

This network infrastructure will support a unified communications and messaging platform. It will also provide a multi-service on-site radio network, including integration with the Emergency Services Network (ESN), CCTV, Public Address and Voice Alarm system, Integrated Command and Communications System and Site-wide TV Distribution.

Telent was awarded the contract for the project following a stringent process during which it demonstrated a collaborative and flexible approach to ensure HPC’s requirements would be satisfied.

Telent will also work with Small Power & Lighting, Fire & Hydrogen Detection and Physical & Electronic Security, to ensure a seamless overall project delivery, the company said.

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