TVO Announces Fuel Loading Delay At Olkiluoto 3

Finnish utility Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO) announced that fuel loading at the near-completed Olkiluoto 3 reactor, long delayed during construction, will be postponed for about two months.

Olkiluoto 3The fuel loading was to commence at the end of June. The new target is for fuel loading by the end of August, Nuclear Engineering International said.

The first grid connection was to take place in October 2019, while commercial operations were to begin in January 2020. All those dates are now pushed back.

TVO said the delay was caused by slower-than-expected progress on “modification outage working.”

The plant is already 10 years behind schedule. Construction, which began in 2005, was originally expected to result in commercial operations in 2009. Concurrently, the budget for the plant has nearly tripled from its original budget of $2.6 billion.

Unit 3 at the Finnish plant is a 1600MW EPR, similar to the long-delayed Flammanville 3 unit in Normandy, France.

One EPR (European Pressurized Reactor) is up and running in China at the Taishan plant. That unit began operations in 2018. The second EPR expected to be operational is Taishan 2. That is expected to begin operations this year.

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