Concrete Pour Milestone At Kursk II Unit 2

Russia’s state-owned nuclear power corporation Rosatom said last week that that workers had poured the first concrete for the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant II unit 2.

Kursk IIThe milestone was accomplished two weeks ahead of schedule on April 15, Rosatom said.

Kursk II units 1 and 2 are to be 1255 MWe VVER-TOI reactors, considered Gen III plus models based on the VVER-1200 reactor. Rosatom considers the units pilot VVER-TOI (typical optimized information-based water-water energy reactor) introduced by Atomstroyexport engineers. The units are to be built with extreme safety features, including earthquake resistance. Along with Kursk II Unit 1, which achieved the first pour milestone a year ago, the construction process will utilize and all-digital system for managing scheduling and costs. Rosatom expects the system will streamline construction and reduce costs.

Kursk –2 power blocks are to be erected using “large block construction methods” of 50 metric ton reinforced concrete blocks. “All in all, over 16.7 thousand cubic meters of self-consolidating concrete mix will be placed into the foundation of the second power block’s reactor building,” Rosatom said. “this amount of materials is similar to the one required to erect 15 five-story building with three entrances each,” the company explained.

The Gen 3 plus nuclear power blocks will push 25 percent more capacity than the VVER-1000 models, while the life span expectations of the core equipment have doubled. In addition, “thanks to the high automation coverage, the number of required staff has been reduced by 30 percent to 40 percent.”

Earthquake safety has been bumped up. Prior models were designed to survive a 7-point earthquake. The VVER-TOI models at Kursk are designed to survive up to a 9-point earthquake.

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