Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd Awards Framework Contracts

The company in charge of decommissioning at the fast breeder research and development site in Scotland, Dounreay Site Restoration Limited (DSRL) said it had awarded six framework contracts that involve 28 companies and their supply chains.

Workers at Dounreay siteThe contracts are valued at $518 million and cover four years with the potential to add an additional three years. The companies, ranging from small and medium sized enterprises within the local community to some of the industry’s largest players, will now compete in “mini competitions” for distinct packages of work that move the site towards its ultimate closure, DSRL said.

Major initiatives include construction of a size reduction processing facility, shaft and silo decommissioning and demolition of historic active laboratories. The contracts “will take work at the site, delivered on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, into a new phase when historic wastes from the shaft and silo and low level waste pits are due to be retrieved, repackaged and consigned to modern waste facilities,” according to a press announcement.

Organisations appointed to DSRL’s decommissioning services framework include: AECOM E&C UK; MW Hargreaves; Kier Infrastructure and Overseas; Morson Projects; NIS; NSG Environmental; Squibb Group; Westinghouse Electrical Company UK; Dounreay Decommissioning Framework (DDF) Alliance; Cavendish Nuclear; BAM Nuttall; KDC Contractors; JGC Engineering and Technical Services; Dounreay Wood Alliance (DWA); Wood; Aquila Nuclear Engineering; GD Energy Services; Orano Projects; Jacobs UK; Atkins; Nuclear Decommissioning Ltd (NDL); James Fisher Nuclear; REACT Engineering; Shepley Engineers; WYG Engineering; JBV Demolition; RPS Consulting Services; Nuvia; Graham Construction; Oxford Technologies; Thompson of Prudhoe.

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