Framatome Lands Gosgen NPP Modernization Contract

Framatome of France announced on Tuesday that it had been awarded a contract to modernize the reactor protection system at the Gosgen Nuclear Power Plant operated by the Swiss utility Kernkraftwerk Gosgen-Daniken AG. The reactor protection system powers down the reactor in the case of any operations deviations.

Gosgen NPPThe scope of the contract, which promises to support safer, long-term operations, includes modernization of the entire protection system involving Framatome’s digital instrumentation and control platform TELEPERM XS. In addition, important functions will be realized with a diverse hardwired back-up system.

Installation and commissioning of the new system are scheduled for the plant’s 2022 maintenance and refueling outage. 

Signing the contract was preceded by the modernization of the plant’s four emergency diesel generators, including the upgrade of the entire I&C (instrumentation and control) and electrical systems with digital technology supply by Framatome. In 2014, Framatome completed the digital modernization of the plant’s control and limitation.

The Gosgen pressurized water reactor was connected to the grid in 1979 and has a net electric output of 1,010 megawatts.

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