Cold Testing Underway At Fuqing Unit 5

China National Nuclear Corporation said that cold hydrostatic testing was initiated at the end of April for Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant’s Unit 5, the first of two HPR1000 reactor under construction at the site.

Hualong OneThe tests are designed to evaluate the hydrostatic systems to look for leaks prior to hot tests, which are operational tests at full pressure and hot temperatures meant to simulate actual operational conditions.

The company said the testing had begun 50 days ahead of schedule.

The Hualong One reactor was designed by the combined efforts of China General Nuclear Power and CNNC. Chinese regulators approved the design in August 2014. The first concrete pour for Unit 5 took place in May 2015. Unit 6, also a Hualong One design, is approximately seven months behind Unit 5.

Besides Units 5 and 6 at Fuqing, there are four other HPR1000 reactors under construction, two of them in China and two in Pakistan.

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