ASN Investigating Fraud Based On Public Comments

French nuclear regulator ASN (Autorite de surete nucleaire) said that it was investigating potential fraud cases as a wider reach to the documentation scandal at Areva's Creusot Forge that began with the discovery of irregularities in pressure vessel steel found at the Flamanville Unit 3 construction project in Normandy in April 2015.

Flamanville 3 After high carbon anomalies were found in the steel, the investigation traced component manufacturing back to the forge, where it was discovered that paperwork had been falsified in some cases that could implicate safety at several operating nuclear plants and at European Pressurized Reactor construction sites. 

Fast forward to November 2018. While fears of compromised safety have been largely put to rest, ASN hosted a website in which the public was encouraged to report safety concerns. Since then, the agency said, 22 comments have come in that could be deemed "whistleblower" reports that are prompting renewed investigations into component manufacturing and construction work, Reuters reported.

The new cases involve falsified documents, work that was not done and work that was done with untrained staff, ASN said without going into specifics.

Areva has since been sold to French utility EDF and is now named Framatome.

ASN said four of the cases have already been referred to the criminal court system.

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