Kursk II Remains Ahead Of Schedule

Rosatom engineering division ASE Group said that concrete work at the Kursk II – Unit 2 construction project was now 72 days ahead of schedule, having been completed on 17 June.

Kursk IIThe Kursk II project involves construction of two 1.2GW VVER-TOI water-water energy reactor with universal optimized digital technology, designed by ASE Group. Considered a pilot project, the Generation 3+ reactors are to replace the two Kursk I reactors, due for decommissioning and to produce 25 percent more power than the VVER-1000 design.

Since the April 15 concreting start, workers have poured more than 16,700 cubic meters of self-compacting cement, according to Nuclear Engineering International.

Concrete was poured 24/7, ASE said. Once it achieves the necessary strength and passes testing, reinforced blocks weighing 1,500 tons will be placed and the pouring of concrete walls will commence. The first major equipment installation is expected to be placed before the end of the year.

There are 2,800 workers at the site in Western Russia.

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