Forsmark NPP Granted 10-year License Extension

Sweden’s nuclear power regulator on Monday granted 10-year operating license extension for Units 1 and 2 at the Forsmark nuclear power plant, which will push the potential operating life of the plant to 50 years.

PForsmark NPP lant licensing is contingent on safety reviews that are submitted to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) every 10 years, the World Nuclear Association said.

Forsmark 1 began commercial operations in 1980. It is a 984 MWe boiling water reactor. Forsmark 2 is also a boiling water reactor, although slightly more powerful at 1120 MWe. The second unit began commercial operations in 1981.

Plant operator Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB (FKA) submitted the application for license extensions in April 2018. In a statement, SSM said that in its review it had “taken a position on FKA’s ability to maintain and increase radiation safety to the next comprehensive assessment.”

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