Turbine Manufacturing For Akkuyu NPP Begins

GE Steam Power and AAEM Turbine technology LLC, a joint venture between AtomEnergoMash JSC (AEM) and General Electric (GE) said Thursday that manufacturing had begun in Belfort, France, on the Arabelle steam turbines to be used at Akkuyu in Turkey, the site of the country's first nuclear power plant.

GE Steam Power When completed, the Akkuyu plant will deliver 4.8 gigawatts (GW) of carbon-free electricity. "At the time when there is a great drive for low carbon energy technologies, Turkey has decided to invest in carbon-free energy to meet its emission reduction targets," GE Power Steam said in a statement.

AAEM was awarded the contract in October 2017 to design and supply the equipment and systems for the whole conventional island. As part of this contract, GE Steam Power will supply the four nuclear turbine generator sets including the Arabelle half-speed steam turbine, GIGATOP 4-poles generator and condenser vacuum pumps. GE will also provide full design for its scope of supply and basic design for AAEM’s scope.

The manufacturing begins with the steam turbine’s rotor, a key component of the powerplant. The start of the first line rotor manufacturing at GE’s Belfort, France Center of Excellence represents a key milestone in the execution of the Akkuyu project and begins the manufacturing process of all turbine components. Already the largest steam turbine in operation for the past 10 years, the Arabelle produces 2 percent more power output than a traditional configuration and has a 99.96 percent reliability rate.

AEM and GE established its joint venture, AAEM Turbine technology LLC (AAEM), in 2007 to offer comprehensive solutions for conventional island of VVER nuclear plants. Execution of the Akkuyu project is a major milestone in the development and growth of the Joint venture AAEM and for both GE and AEM as shareholders and participants to this landmark project.

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