GE Steam Power To Support Cernavoda NPP

GE Steam Power said this week that Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica (SNN) has selected the company to continue providing full maintenance services on two of its turbine islands at the Cernavoda nuclear power plant in Romania. The multi-year contract, worth $120 million, "will play a key role in enabling SNN to continue providing CO2-free power to Romania over the next eight years," GE Steam Power said.

GECernavoda is the only nuclear facility in Romania, and generates 1,400MW of power that supports 20 percent of the country’s energy demand.

The agreement will cover maintenance and services on the plant’s two steam turbines and generators to help ensure reliable operation of the facility through 2027. Work on the turbine islands begins later this year, when GE will perform a planned maintenance outage on Cernavoda’s unit 2 turbine generator after 12 years of service.

GE is supporting SNN in reducing Romania’s greenhouse emissions by up to 80 million tons over the life of the agreement, the company added.

Cernavoda has been supported by GE’s local team for 33 years, which includes being provided with all maintenance services since 2004.

With 50 percent of the world’s nuclear fleet equipped with a GE steam turbine, Cernavoda will benefit from the OEM’s global expertise and regional presence to maintain high-performing and safe operation. In Europe, GE performs around 100 nuclear outages per year.

With 50 percent of the world's steam turbines for nuclear power plants, GE Steam Power continues to build its worldwide fleet with the Arabelle steam turbine, the most powerful in operation, installed or under installation in 44 units.

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