Atkins Awarded Basic Design Contract For Sizewell C

Atkins, a member of SNC-Lavalin Group, has been awarded a $6.09 million contract for the Enabling Works Basic Design at the Sizewell C site. It will be the first program of construction work to commence at the proposed nuclear power station, which is to be located immediately to the north of the existing Sizewell B power station, on the Suffolk coast.

Sizewell CThe site will comprise of two UK EPR units with an electrical output of approximately 1,670 megawatts (MW) per unit, giving a total site capacity of approximately 3,340MW. Once operational, Sizewell C will be able to generate enough electricity to supply approximately six million (20 per cent) of the UK’s homes.

The Enabling Works contract covers all work necessary to prepare the main development site for the execution of the Main Civil Works and Marine Works construction. This includes determination of the optimal layout and sequence of the construction of the site, minimizing the environmental impact on the surrounding area during construction (including the design of a dedicated crossing through a designated conservation area) and identifying facilities and infrastructure required until commercial operation of the power station begins.

The goals of the contract include determining cost-effective construction techniques and innovative design solutions and figuring out how to maximise lessons learned from construction of Hinkley Point C so they can be applied to Sizewell C. The specific target here is to allow redundancies to reduce or contribute to reducing the cost of construction for Sizewell C by 20 per cent.

“This program ... will see us combine our extensive experience in the nuclear new build sector with the use of innovative digital tools," said Andrew Smart, Project Delivery Director at Atkins.

Jim Crawford, Sizewell C Project Development Director, said:  “Sizewell C is progressing well with Stage 4 consultation underway. The experience Atkins’ has gained at Hinkley Point C will help ensure we have the site prepared and ready for the construction of the power station, if planning consent is granted.”

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