Novovoronezh Unit Ready For Commissioning

Operators of the Novovoronezh Unit 2, part of the Phase II project in Central Russia have completed a 15-day testing protocol that now has the reactor officially ready for commissioning, Rosatom said late last week.

Novovoronezh NPPThe new power unit ran “fault free at 100 percent capacity during the entire testing period,” Rosatom said.

With the testing completed on schedule, “Results of the comprehensive trials speak about safe and reliable operation of its equipment and all systems. By present, the power unit is ready for commissioning and carrying stable load as designed,” said plant manager Vladimir Povarov.

Unit 2 at the plant was connected to the grid on May 1. the unit has undergone testing at various power levels over the past 4.5 months. “Specialists carried out hundreds of various tests, inspections and start-up and adjustment activities. They became the final stage of the pilot commercial operation and allowed passing to the next stage, i.e. commissioning,” Rosatom said.

“Now, the new power unit, along with start-up facilities, will be subjected to the acceptance commission and commission of Rostechnadzor and then the final commissioning permit will be issued by ROSATOM,” the state-owned company said in a statement.

Commissioning Unit 2 at the plant will raise the power capacity of the facility by 1.5 times, contributing to the economics of the Voronezh region. It will also add significantly to the regional tax base, the company said.

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