Orano Service Contract Covers Three EDF Plants

Orano has just signed a contract worth almost $120 million to supply services for the EDF nuclear power plants of Paluel (Seine Maritime), Civaux (Vienne) and Gravelines (Nord) until 2024. The contract includes an option of two additional years, the company said.

OranoIn partnership with the companies Samsic and ARIS, Orano teams will be responsible for all industrial logistics to support the operations of reactors on the Paluel and Civaux sites. The contract covers radiation protection, waste management and equipment management. 

At the Gravelines power plant, Orano will work with ARIS to install and remove thermal insulators and scaffolding at four of the site's six reactors, during maintenance and nuclear fuel replacement phases.

At peak times, services on the three sites will call on the skills of up to 350 employees from Orano DS, an Orano Group entity specialized in providing services to operational nuclear sites and those undergoing decommissioning.

"This contract is a reflection of our ambition to grow our services offering for the nuclear industry," explained Alain Vandercruyssen, Director of Orano Group's Dismantling and Services.

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