Kursk II, Unit 2, Core Catcher Delivered

Russian nuclear power giant Rosatom said Friday that the core catcher for the Kursk II, Unit 2 reactor in Western Russia close to Ukraine had arrived on site, a milestone for the VVER-TOI nuclear power plant.

Kursk II Core CatcherThe core catcher is designed to contain any liquefied core material that is produced during a meltdown – material that is called corium, according to the World Nuclear Association.

Rosatom called the component a key part of “one of the most important nuclear safety systems.”

Three separate core catcher pieces will be assembled at the Kursk II site with installation in the reactor building expected soon after. Assembly is expected to take until at least mid-December.

The VVER-TOI design is considered an advanced Generation III reactor with improved safety features strengthened to withstand impacts and earthquakes. Rosatom claims that the most up to date instrumentation available also promises enhanced safety.

Construction scheduling and supply chain factors have also been digitalized, promising to streamline costs, according to the company.

This core catcher arrival is one year behind the arrival of the core catcher for Kursk II, Unit 1.

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