Three Remain As Angra 3 Partnership Choices

The Brazilian state nuclear power company Eletronuclear, which is looking for a partner to complete the Angra Unit 3 reactor has narrowed its search down to three companies. After sending invitations to 10 companies, the candidates have been whittled down to Russian, French and Chinese concerns to complete the job, according to a report from Reuters.

Angra NPPElectronuclear president Leonam Guimaraes told Reuters that the company is looking for help from either Rosatom, EDF or the China National Nuclear Corporation. The company is expected to choose a partner by the end of the year. The partner that is chosen is expected to become a minority shareholder in the state’s nuclear power company, which means it would also be part owner of Angra Units 1 and 2, reported Nuclear Engineering International.

“We are looking for an international partnership to invest in the completion of Angra 3 and that partner would own part of the plant until the end of its life,” Guimaraes said.

The financial commitment expected has been estimated at $3.7 billion. Electronuclear has already spent $2.23 billion on the project.

Electronuclear sent 10 invitations out in June testing the interest level for completion of Angra 3. Seven replied, Westinghouse and Framatome were among the applicants, but Electronuclear is looking for a construction company, not a service company. The China State Power Investment Company and Kepco Engineering of South Korea were also in the running, but were selected out.

Construction of Angra 3 has been stop-and-go. The project was initiated in the 1980s, but funding was not strong enough to continue with it. Interest was revised in 2010. At this point, 70 percent of the construction has been done and 80 percent of the equipment has been purchased. Electronuclear, meanwhile, is paying for storage of the equipment and maintenance and security of the unfinished project.

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