Deep Isolation, NAC, Sign Agreement

Deep Isolation, a leading innovator in spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and high-level waste (HLW) storage and disposal solutions, has signed a cooperative agreement with NAC International Inc. (NAC), a nuclear fuel cycle consulting and technology solutions company specializing in casks and canister systems for nuclear materials transport and spent fuel storage and disposal.

Deep IsolationDeep Isolation and NAC will cooperate in the design, development, and manufacturing of Deep Isolation’s SNF and HLW disposal canister technology. Leveraging NAC’s dry fuel storage technologies the two companies will collaborate to advance the technical aspects of Deep Isolation’s current solution design for canister storage, disposal, and equipment for the transfer of SNF and HLW from existing storage areas to a Deep Isolation repository.

“We have an opportunity not only to further develop the safety and quality of our canister technology, but to implement a waste management strategy that covers onsite interim storage as well as handling, transport, and final disposal,” said Elizabeth Muller, CEO of Deep Isolation.

With experience in commercial and governmental nuclear material safeguards management, NAC specializes in the design, licensing, and deployment of storage and transport systems. NAC also has 20 years of decommissioning storage management experience and has supplied a large share of the used fuel systems at decommissioning U.S. utility sites. As a contractor for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), NAC has developed and deployed transportable storage systems at DOE sites and has packaged and transported fuel all over the world.

This is the second strategic partnership that the Berkeley-based startup has made in the last 6 months. Earlier this summer, Deep NAC Isolation announced a cooperative agreement with Bechtel National, Inc., part of the largest engineering and construction company in the United States to support Deep Isolation’s sales and engineering capabilities as well as the capacity to deliver its solution around the world.

Deep Isolation has gained significant market traction this year with a public demonstration of its technology in January, three technical papers published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Energies by MDPI, and most recently the expansion of its business development efforts internationally. 

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