WANO Signs MOU With Chinese Counterpart

The World Association of Nuclear Operators and the China Nuclear Energy Association (CNEA) have signed a memorandum of understanding which formalizes their arrangement to work together on commercial nuclear safety and reliability.

WANOWANO has been making inroads in China recently. In February, the group’s members voted to establish a new branch office and support center in Shanghai, China. WANO is a trade group comprised of plant operators that works with collegial orginazationss to support safety and reliability and to share best practices information for the benefit of the industry. “We are delighted to formalize our partnership with CNEA,” said the group’s Chief Executive Officer Peter Prozesky.

CNEA will be designated as a category 3 member of WANO, which will tie in with the London Office until the office in Shanghai is up and running. CNEA will also have tie ins with offices in Atlanta, Paris, Moscow and Tokyo, according the MOU.

CNEA Secretary-General Zhang Tingke said the Chinese counterparts will “actively contribute to WANO activities, providing support to improve the performance of nuclear power plants in China and around the world.”

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