Candu Energy To Work On Chinese AHWR Plant

Montreal-based SNC-Lavalin subsidiary Candu Energy Inc. will work on preliminary licensing and safety guidance work in a new contract with China National Nuclear Power Co Ltd (CNNP) the engineering and construction giant confirmed.

Candu schematicSNC-Lavaliln and CNNP, along with Shanghai Electric Co. signed an agreement in September 2016 to develop two design centers, one in China and one in Canada, to further cooperation on the use of Candu technology in China and around the world. The agreement envisioned construction of a two-unit Advanced Fuel Candu Reactor (AFCR) plant in China as a pilot project with construction commencing in 2021.  This week’s agreement moves the previous agreement forward.

"Our longstanding prosperous partnership and shared value for high-level safety design standards and protocols will contribute to the overall project success and support for nuclear power's beneficial clean, low-carbon electricity,” World Nuclear Association quoted Sandy Taylor, president of SNC-Lavalin's nuclear business group as saying.

The advanced heavy water reactor (AHWR) is designed as a 700 MWe unit with Gen III safety advancements, improving on passive and active safety features in a plant that uses deuterium oxide as a moderator and uranium for fuel.  

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