Rosatom Completes Fuel Deliveries To India

Rosatom's nuclear fuel division TVEL JSC has shipped the final consignment of uranium fuel pellets for BWR reactors in India, completing their contractual obligations with the Department of Atomic Energy of the Government of India. The total volume of the supplied fuel pellets exceeded 50 tons with all shipments have carried out in 2019.

Rosatom/TVEL JSCThe fuel pellets made of low-enriched uranium dioxide were produced at Elemash (Machine-building plant), a fabrication facility of TVEL Fuel Company in Elektrostal, Moscow region. In India, the pellets will be used for fabrication of nuclear fuel assemblies for Tarapur NPP at the National Fuel Complex in Hyderabad, Telengana state. 

ROSATOM’s fuel division is capable of producing nuclear fuel components for all basic types of operational nuclear reactors, including reactors of non-Russian design. "We are committed to the accomplishment of similar contracts, as well as new projects in nuclear fuel cycle”, said Senior Vice President for Commerce and International Business at TVEL JSC Oleg Grigoriyev.


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