CNNC Strengthens Strategic Framework

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) has entered into two significant cooperation agreements with complementary organizations in the past two weeks, first signing an agreement with an academic group and then one with Energy China.

CNNCThe agreement with the China Academy of Sciences was signed on December 13. It builds on an on-going relationship but spells out cooperation for building a laboratory for research in nuclear materials and safety evaluation.

This week, CNNC added another milestone agreement to its strategic framework, signing a comprehensive cooperation package with a subsidiary of Energy China called China Energy Engineering Corporation.

Deputy general manager of CEEC Wu Yun signed the agreement in Beijing on January 7 along with Li Qingtang, deputy general manager of CNNC, the World Nuclear Association reported.

The agreement is comprehensive. It covers improved efficiencies for nuclear power projects domestically and internationally. Manufacturing and construction endeavors are included, as are consulting for nuclear and renewable power sources, and cooperation in human resources.

CNNC claims to be the major investor in every nuclear power plant in China, which now numbers 45 with 12 more under construction.

Energy China, officially the China Energy Engineering Group, is a newcomer in the nuclear industry landscape in China. Established in December 2014 by Energy China and Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute Co., according to WNA. 

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