Westinghouse Contracted For Kozloduy NPP Project

Westinghouse Electric Company said this week that it had signed a contract with Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in Bulgaria to migrate the current Ovation platform-based information and control (I&C) systems at the plant's units 5&6. The aim is to "bring even more competitiveness and efficiency in the way these plants are operating," the company said.

Kozloduy NPPKozloduy will migrate to the latest Ovation platform, which will include the integration of a Safety Parameter Display System, Emergency Operator Procedures (EOP) and partial modernization of the Full-Scope Simulator.

“The digitalization and modernization of the operating nuclear fleet is a key part of our client’s long-term operations and a strategic priority for Westinghouse,” said Tarik Choho, president of Westinghouse’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Operating Plant Services Business Unit. “We are pleased to support Kozloduy 5&6 in their efforts to utilize the best available technology and supply cost-competitive and clean energy to Bulgaria for decades to come.”

The Ovation platform is widely used at both operating and new nuclear plants. As the supplier of the Ovation platform to the nuclear industry, Westinghouse has implemented Ovation at the Kozloduy NPP for more than 15 years and the platform has proven to be safe, reliable and very cost-efficient. Westinghouse is committed to support Kozloduy units 5&6 in maintaining the Ovation platform for at least another 30 years, supporting Kozloduy’s plans to operate units 5&6 at least until 2049.

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