Italy Begins Shipments Of Radsludge to Slovakia

The first of the 33 transports scheduled for the transfer of about 5,600 drums, containing resin and radioactive sludge, started from the Caroso nuclear power plant (Piacenza) at the Bohunice plant in Slovakia for their treatment and conditioning.

Sogin thus initiated the second and final of the drum transfer program to the Slovakian plant, which is expected to end in 2022. Arranged in four containers, the first 162 drums were removed on two road vehicles, under the control of the various authorities in charge.

Shipments radwasteThe ion exchange resins and the sludge, radioactive waste produced during the previous operation of the plant, will undergo incineration and conditioning, with a reduction of their volume of 90 percent (130 cubic meters compared to the initial volume of 1,290 cubic meters). At the end, the final artifacts will return to Caorso and will be stored in the temporary deposits of the site, ready for transfer to the National Deposit.

The transfer of these wastes, which by volume represent about 70 percent of those stored today at the site, will allow the 3 temporary repositories to be emptied in order to adapt them to the current safety standards, without having to build the other storage facilities. 

Furthermore, the emptying of the three depots will allow the system to restart and speed up the decommissioning of the system, guaranteeing the highest safety standards.

A first phase involved the sending, in June 2018, of 336 drums to perform the "hot tests" of the Slovak plant, with the production of the first final products.

The positive outcome of the tests allowed the approval of the operational plan and the authorization for the shipment and treatment of the remaining waste envisaged in the project.

The total value of the transfer and treatment of radioactive drums and the return of conditioned products is $40.72 million.

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