Peach Bottom Units 2 & 3 Granted License Extensions

Two more U.S. nuclear power plants have been allowed license extensions that will allow them to operate up to 80 years, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which granted the license extensions on March 6.

Peach Bottom NPPExelon Generation Company submitted the applications for NRC reviews in the summer of 2018 for the two Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station’s Units 2 and 3, located near Delta, Pennsylvania.

With the 20-year extensions, the units are authorized for power generation until Aug. 8, 2053 and July 2, 2054, the NRC said. “The rationale for the NRC decision is documented in the staff’s February 2020 final Safety Evaluation Report (and) … the staff’s January 2020 final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement.”

Last December, the NRC granted similar license extensions to Units 3 and 4 at Turkey Point, 20 miles south of Miami, operated by Florida Power and Light Company.

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