Fortum To Decommission Finland's FiR1 Reactor

VTT Technical Research Center of Finland has awarded a contract to Finnish utility Fortum for decommissioning services for the Finnish Reactor 1 (FiR1), a 250 kW reactor that has not been operating since June 2015.

FiR1 Research ReactorVTT Technical, which took over the reactor’s operations from Helsinki University in 1971, decided in 2012 to shut down the reactor for financial concerns, even though the license for the reactor was valid through 2023.

The decommissioning works include planning, preparatory measures, dismantling of the reactor and waste management, including final disposal, Fortum said, noting that, “as the reactor had been designed for research and educational use, the amount of decommissioning waste and the associated radioactivity will be relatively minor,” Fortum said.

The reactor was used in research, isotope production and medicinal radiotherapy. The water-cooled, TRIGA Mark II reactor was first commissioned in 1962.

“We are proud to join VTT in this first nuclear decommissioning project in Finland,” said Anni Jaarinen, head of decommissioning and waste of Nuclear Services at Fortum. The work is expected to start in 2022 and be completed by the ends of 2023.

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