EDF To Maintain Sizewell B At Reduced Capacity

The National Grid ESO in Britain has requested that EDF Energy keep the1198 MWe Sizewell B reactor on lower output to compensate for decreased demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sizewell B NPPThe National Grid confirmed the request, Nuclear Engineering International reported.

The plant will remain at 600 MWe at least through June 19. The ESO said it would compensate EDF Energy for the diminished production.

EDF said it would consider ways in which it could “respond flexibly” to the current economic slowdown prompted by the deadly virus. In a four week stretch from late March to later April, demand for electricity dropped by 17 percent in Britain, compared with the same timeframe of 2019.

Sizewell B is Britain’s only pressurized water reactor. As such, it has more operations flexibility than the rest of the country’s nuclear power plants.

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