Pandemic Delays Leningrad II, Unit 2 Start Up

The coronavirus pandemic has forced a two-month delay on the start up of the Lennigrad II, Unit 2 reactor, pushing the expected start up to April 2010, according to Russian media outlet Kommersant.

Leningrad NPPTravel restrictions that came about as fear of the pandemic spread forced French technicians installing diesel generators at the construction site to return to France in March. The technicians returned and work resumed in April. However, the delay caused by the almost six-week installation hiatus puts Rosatom subsidiary Rosenergoatom in line for a fine of $4.98 million (360 million rubles), according to a Ko

In turn, Rosenergoatom has filed a petition with the Supervisory Board of the Market Council, which regulates the energy market in Russia, to waive the fine based on a force mateure incident, which defines forces beyond a company’s control, such as the outbreak of war or a natural disaster. In this case, the COVID-19 pandemic is being blamed for the delay that occurred from March 15 through April 30.

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