SNC-Lavalin To Design Inspection Tool For Darlington NPP

SNC-Lavalin said this week that it has signed a contract for design, fabrication and deployment of the newly developed PRECISE (Pressure Tube Circumferential Sampling Equipment) tool for Canada's Darlington Nuclear Generating Station starting early 2021.

Darlington NPPPRECISE is a next-generation reactor inspection tool designed by SNC-Lavalin for taking samples of reactor core internals, allowing for in-situ life assessment of the pressure boundary material of fuel channel assemblies.

Fuel channels are subject to in-service aging mechanisms and require regular inspections to monitor their condition and demonstrate fitness-for-service for the operating life of the reactor. This is done through “scraping” whereby the fuel channels are defueled and several samples of the inner diameter of the pressure tube are taken and inspected periodically.

The PRECISE tool is capable of taking multiple samples at once, reducing worker dose and on-reactor cycle times. Remote and automated operations allow PRECISE to operate in both wet (with pressure boundary intact) and damp (channel drained and isolated) environments with 100 percent traceability and capturability. The proven design responds quickly and reliably to changing pressure tube surface conditions in fuel channels and allows for 75 percent less time on the channel when compared to older tooling designs.

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