Tianwan Unit 5 Accomplishes First Criticality

The Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corporation said that Tianwaj Nuclear Power Plant’s Unit 5 had reached first criticality on July 17 this year.

Tianwan NPPUnit 5 is a 1080 MWe ACPR1000 pressurized water reactor. JNPC said that connection to the grid was expected by the end of the year.

The company said the milestone completes the commissioning process for the plant’s system overall, saying the reactor had achieved a “continuous and controllable nuclear operation state.

Nuclear Engineering International said the plant was a joint venture including the China Nation Nuclear Corporation, which owns 50 percent of the plant, China Power Investment Corporation (30 percent) and the Jiangsu Guoxin Group, which owns 20 percent.

The first concrete pour for Unit 5 took place in December 2015, which was followed by the construction start of Unit 6 in September 2016. Unit 6 is expected to be operational sometime in 2021.

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