Akkuyu NPP Core Catcher Delivered

Russian state-owned nuclear power corporation Rosatom said the core melt localization component, also known as the core catcher, had been delivered to the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant construction site in Turkey.

Akkuyu core catcherThe core catcher measures 5.8 meters high and 6.1 meters in diameter. It is a 169-ton steel cone-shaped container, which will safely hold the core melt and prevent radioactive substances from leaving the containment structure of the reactor building in the event of an emergency. It is considered a key feature in the reactor's passive safety system. A melt localization device is installed to all modern nuclear power plants equipped with Generation III+ reactors. The latest models include improved seismic resistance features, as well as improved hydrodynamic and impact strength.

The installation of the CMLD body, which was manufactured at TYAZHMASH plant in Russia, at Unit 2 of Akkuyu NPP is scheduled for November 2020. Once the installation is over, the weight of the core catcher including internal equipment will be 668 tons.

Construction works at the Akkuyu NPP site are well underway said Akuyu Nuclear JSC Chief Executive Officer Anastasia Zoteeva, who said the most active works are being performed at Unit 1. 

"Later this year, we plan to complete the construction of external walls up to the elevation of +26.0. It will be the operating level of the central hall. This will allow us to install the reactor vessel next year and to commence welding the reactor coolant pipeline, which will take place in the very core of the nuclear power plant, in August."

Rosatom subsidiary Atomash is manufacturing four steam generators for Unit 1. "Once they are delivered to the site, we will expect the delivery of the reactor vessel. This autumn we will install the core catcher at Unit 2. The construction of other auxiliary facilities - construction bases, fuel storages and tunnels, is being performed simultaneously with these works," she addied.

Construction works are currently being performed at three power units of Akkuyu NPP. All construction stages are thoroughly controlled by independent inspection organizations and the Nuclear Regulatory Authority, a national regulatory body, as well as by the experts of Assystem international engineering group.














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